Saving Lives

Anaphylaxis is a life threatening allergic reaction that can kill someone within minutes.

Many things cause it including food, medicines and insect stings. It's on the increase and no-one knows why.

It's a cause of personal importance for Peter Helliar and Erica Lane. Both have children suffering with the condition.

On a daily basis, they manage allergies to eggs, diary, peanuts, treenuts, sesame seeds, prawns and penicillin.

The social impact of this condition on families, kids, teenagers and adults is significant.

AnaphylaxiSTOP is a community of people whose quality of life is affected by this condition.

We all donate our time and effort so that almost every dollar raised goes to funding dedicated medical research.

We want to stop the deaths from anaphylaxis.

Please help us by donating now.

Pete Helliar, Celebrity and Dad

With mates Hamish & Andy, raising funds in 2006

Erica Lane, Company Director and Mum, with family

AnaphylaxiSTOP is a philanthropic, social enterprise of Erica Lane & Associates Pty Ltd